When not "At War"...

Jerimiah Morrow.

“DropOut” “Pennyhawk” “Morrowise” “Coil-Thief” “ShadowRunner” “Bone-Dodger”

When not “At War” (any period of ‘downtime’) Jerimiah Morrow will be actively be building “inroads” with the mortal gangs to proactively interact with any existing plot between criminal activities and the downtown neighborhoods. With some interpack/tribal support I will expand any tendrils I can to the rest of NYC… eventually.

Build a positive construction/creative gang orient presence for local street tuffs mortal and kinfolk alike.
  1. Provide community services, security for local street level victory gardens, vandalism free playgrounds, homeless outreach programs, community building stuff. Because there wont be “public company supporting the street” persona this is a street level “encouragement program”.
  2. Utilize the “big brother” gang to deal with the darker elements that attempt to use or disencourage this effort.
  3. Use the junior group as a lightening rod (bait) to flush out darker elements that live in the areas of downtown.
  4. Use our Alpha’s money to build a financial base advance “social welfare” encouragement program. Essentially lotteries for good work and active participation. From Grocery story money to Rent to Financial Aid for College.
  5. Encourage the lesser local gangs to use the words ‘bone’,‘blood’, or ‘family’ – in thier own gangs’ names. Encouraging community UNITY but also individuality. Encouraging multiteam teamworkwork but also individual team achievement.
    ie. the Skullbangers; the Bonebadges; the Ivory Disciples; the Oak nation; the cobra clan; the Royal Fangs; the Red Blades; the Ghetto Brothers; the Blood Kings; Unit 212; the Pagan Sons; the Vagos Gypsies; the Bone Colts; the White Hand Gang, etc
Build a MUCH scarier street presence for the gangbangers that Edward saddled me with…

Ensure that although they will get involved with serious gangrelated crime. They will be known to have a big brother boogieman-esc relationship with the Junior gangs.Rebrand the “Red-Sleeves” into the “Blood Ministry”. Keep the Red sleeve icons, include alot more Oldworld Christian Mythos overtones. Avenging Angels, etc.

Begin to recruit for both gangs.
  1. Use highschool propaganda, local news crews, community/social teen outreach groups, and word of mouth for the junior gangs.
  2. Use street contacts as well as any tribal police contacts to weed out the convicts and the last chance felons. I expect that the felons that are already capable of being saved are being approached by better men than me, everyone else that joins the Blood Ministry will tow the line, actually become ‘Saved’ or will die in the attempt.
  3. Base the basic tenets of the Blood Ministry on the Garou multi-tribal Ronin Pack founded during the turn of the century.
  4. Keep legend of “the blood ministry” in the background of the street tuffs. I want them to become dark gangland legends. They will become mortal black ops group for garou initatives at worst and a force reshaping the mortal urban community at best.
Open the street to Graduates (or near graduates) of the Central Park School for advanced classes.
  1. Work with students to initiate them into a controlled enviroment of working with a “criminal organization”,
  2. Allow students to create street level alternate credentails. Students can make their “bones” in a ‘criminal’ support structure.
  3. Hold realworld team building skills and criminal finance classes. Teach Subterfuge, Urban Survival, and Streetwise.
Besides the heavy presence of the BoneGnawers…

Invite the tribes to either participate with thier Kinfolk or those individuals who have sufficient control of thier rage, (this is a mortal operation and I’m not interesting in having another impergium thank you). chances are they’ll show up anyway nothing I can do about that, but I don’t have to ‘invite’ them.
Specifically invite;

  1. the Shadow lords for extra-curricular games of the gangland equivalent of capture the flag.
  2. the Black Furies for female teen outreach and self protection programs.
  3. the Uktena to provide a spiritual bushido-esc code for the new local gangland groups.

When not "At War"...

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