Military Exile - Zero Company

For some tasks in the post-911 world the regular armed forces are considered too unsubtle, the police not suitably supported, and civilians lack combat training. Primarily these types of tasks do not involve the searching or colating of information but instead involve the physical confrontation of enhanced humans or even more ‘notable’ creatures. And, if deemed necessary, activily hunting and terminating these creatures as threats to National Security in an entirely ‘deniable’ fashion. Often these forces are called upon to provide physical support to more cerbral investigative types for ‘unusual occurrences’ and so forth.

Zero Company came into existence, by government decree, during a social event which destabilised the balance of power in downtown manhattan revealing widespread supernatural corruption. When the nature of their long reaching activities were brought into sharp relief and it was decided that, in the somewhat heavy handed kneejerk typical mortal government reaction to an overriding horror, the ZC would be granted a continuing existance as an autonomous extension of the Trojan Warrior project.

The actual scope of ZC operations remains relatively vague. The most common ZC task is to hunt down any evidence of ‘terrorists’, a group described as: “any individual or group of persons who are engaged in, or conspiring to engage in, activities detrimental to the good order and running of the state.”

The core of this para-military cadre has been reinforced sporadically with the addition of civilian scientists, metropolitan police, and other specialists. The group has became one of the key ‘not quite mortal’ units fighting against the Apocolypse in New York. Due to the nature of the ‘project’ one might enter inactive status but no one truly departs from the Zero Company roster.

Military Exile - Zero Company

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