Soul Knot

Snarled knot in a loop of string


The Soul Knot is kept in a fist sized pouch of wolfskin. The rough and frayed twine tangles into a large snarled knot with no loose ends, but a loop of line exits and re-enters the tangle without hint of an end to the line.

As the Soul Knot is handled it slowly shifts through several shades of color reflecting the moods and thoughts of the holder. The knot leads one to enter into a meditative and self-contemplative state where innner conflicts are possible to work through as the knot is attempted to be untied. As this daydream like mix of memories, fears, desires, and such are worked through towards resolution the line changes in texture and composition, becoming smoother and more supple, as well as being worked towards unknoting.

Success unraveling a Soul Knot allows one to let go of lingering inner conflict, coming to terms with past pains, and thereby find greater inner peace. Which translates into the option to raise ones Gnosis by one. Each time a Soul Knot is used, it delves deeper demanding more and more to be solved (both in terms of the number of conflicts and the severity of them), thereby becoming more and more difficult to master.

Roll Gnosis vs a difficulty of your current Gnosis + 3 to activate the Soul Knot. Then make a seondary roll of Wits + Empathy or Enigmas vs the same difficulty as above, but you can’t have more dice than your Willpower. If your Gnosis is a 4 or 5 you need to make the secondary roll twice, facing two issues. If your Gnosis is a 6 or 7 you need to make the secondary roll three times, facing three issues. If your Gnosis is a 8 or higher you can not raise your Gnosis through use of a Soul Knot, but it may still provide personal insight as if your Gnosis was an 8.


Soul Knot

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