Banshee of Byzantine, The

Ancient Ritual Bowl


A large ancient ritual bowl seemingly made out of bronze and glass, being roughly 16" in diameter and including the stem and pedestal standing roughly 16" tall. Though on close inspection by a skilled craftsman there is something not quite right about the bronze and glass – tiny insignificant details, but seeming to either imply a crafting process currently unknown or a material, which is not actually bronze, and glass.

Though not to scale and far from natural looking, the bowl resembles like the head and shoulders of a shrieking woman. Rising from the base of her shoulders with her head thrown back and wide-open mouth raised to the sky. The length of her neck has a gash in it, which at first may look like damage to the bowl, but is in reality part of the craftsman ship – showing her throat slit. The edge of the bowl is her lips and within that there is a roughly 1/4" gap before the inset glass bowl, which is her teeth, that appears to float within the bronze unmoving and unanchored. This empty space fills the 1/4" gap, which runs the entire span between the bronze and glass with nothing filling the space to connect the two, yet causes nor allows any movement between the two. The roughly 1/4" lip of frosty opaque white glass which rises above the bronze has groves in it representing a ring of teeth – they are smooth to the touch, when counted there are 51 teeth. Except for this raised lip of teeth, the rest of the glass bowl is clear and smooth.

For those interested in measurements:
The base of the bowl is an oval shape roughly 5" wide and 11" long and rising up to a 2" in height where it joins the stem of the bowl. The stem is roughly 8" long, beginning at a roughly 2 & 1/2" diameter and widens out to 4’ where it joins the basin. The basin is roughly 16" wide and 6" deep.


The bowl has been known to the Garou since the time of the Byzantine Empire. Five Packs have attempted, unsuccessfully, to destroy it. Each time the attempt to destroy it has ended in some form a catastrophe causing harm and destruction to all in the area around it. Once such attempt, submerging the bowl in an active volcano, was the cause of the Pompeii eruption.

When taken from the Black Spiral Dancers it appeared to be full of a mixture of sacrificial human blood, mixed with older thick clotted and foul human blood, and two other related substances – a thick oily ichor and bits of yellowish puss. This foul mixture swirled slowly while the lip of the bowl was stroked, and seemed somewhat sentient… as it attacked Jerry when he stole the bowl away from them. The mixture slowly seemed to lose it’s vitality over a short time, eventually weakening enough so that as Brad and Jerry fought it, while pursued by Spirals, that they tore it in half. The loose half slithered away, and the half left behind went dormant.

The bowl has been seen to cause a shrieking hum when a finger is run along them ridge of its teeth, which is painful to the ear and somewhat disorienting. As a finger is run across them the teeth also appear to slowly sharpen so as to slice into the finger and draw blood, which drips down into the bowl – never spilling outside it.

The bowl is suspected to have the ability to create some form of connection or doorway to the lands of the dead, and allow the user to summon and demand service of the shades called forth.

Banshee of Byzantine, The

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