Wilson "The Pot" Ledger


Homid Bone Gnawer Philodox

Known as “The Pot” from his early years stuck collecting the cash, divying up the bill, or sitting on the pot of money gathered up toward one end or another. Known to be fair, frugal, honest, and more financially sound than most Bone Gnawers. As well as being a crafty and clever negotiater with a long-term perspective and feirce Tribal loyalty. Well loved by his Tribe and its Kin for his fatherly, if stern, guidance and caretaking… he has also earned many friends outside the Tribe who were in a tight spot and needed some quick cash.

He is the overseer of vast sums of money held in trust for numerous individuals, groups, or organizations within the Bone Gnawers, and some without as well.

An agreement with “The Pot” is writ in stone, your word is your bond, once agreed there is no going back to change your mind or adjust your terms… unless of course it benefits “The Pot” or one of his charges.

And he doesn’t stand on ceremony… you needn’t shake hands or sign anything, just speak a word of agreement. He drives a hard bargin but is not one for fancy words or tricky contracts, try such with him and he’ll insist on plain lanquage… manage to screw him and you may have earned more enemies than you bargined for.


Wilson "The Pot" Ledger

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