Steven "True Silverheart" Bellenthrope


Steven looks to be a man in rather good shape for his early 70’s. Worn and weathered, but in good health and would be in great shape for a man seming 25 years younger. Heavily covered in scars, literally even his scars have scars. The most prominent of which is his missing left eye.

He is 5’ 10", well built but not overly muscled, blue eyed and and his long dirty blonde hair has gone mostly silvery gray – and is worn tied back with a leather cord. His suit is obviously outdated, but not insanely so – though he does continue to use a bolas tie.

Beleived to have been born in New York City circa 1840 he is known to actually be roughly 150 years old. In his late teens or early 20’s, shortly after returning from service in the First War Between the States, he was banished from New York City. Another Garou frenzied and seemed about to kill a Garou cousin of Stevens while they were engaged in a non-combat challenge. Steven, still carrying sixguns loaded with silver bullets from the war killed the other Garou, reacting perhaps too quickly unloading his guns on the offender to save his cousin. Steven was banished for his part in the killing, and went west to the estate of his Uncle Julius Bellenthorpe.


Steven "True Silverheart" Bellenthrope

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