Jerimiah 'Drop out' Morrow

Male Ragabash Homid Bonegnawer grifter


Jeremiah Morrow.

An average urban ganster with no significant family history on the West Coast, or so he believes. Jerimiah belongs to a non-latino ‘social club’ mostly in defiance of his fathers wishes. He gains a reputation for brutality and cunning for ‘gang-missions’, often done during drug induced blackouts. Rather than curbing the drug taking he attempts to enhance the reputation by becoming known for ‘wild’ actions during ‘apparent’ drug use.

His father is a Union Rep, for Local 412 automotive, with a penchant for strong drink, overindulgence, and abusive behavior. Elder Morrow is seen within the union as a defender of the weak, a protector of the working man, a great man with feet of clay. Jermiah is not well-liked by the union.

Dropped out of highschool to marry his teen sweetheart, Anna, after an unexpected pregnancy. The expense drives Jeri to work and upon finding no legal opportunity takes on work for people of ‘low moral character’.

Building a successful portfolio of “grey” work – a thief who other thieves cultivate a connection with; he provides Forged IDs, temporary ‘safe’ housing, small cash laundering, and ‘exotic item’ sales. Any remaining ethical behavior disappeares after prenatal complications results in his child’s death. Driven to succeed in this dark ruthless world, Jerimiah forges connections of an upperwordly mobile criminal (not just a gangbanger).

When a mysteriously well informed enemy forces Jermiah into hiding… he returns to his father’s doorstep. Finding his father in an alcohol induced delusional haze – Jeremiah is recieved as if he is a phantom of the older man’s own youth. Motivated by curiosity he induces his father to explain his own backstory.

Producing federal witness protection documents the picture behind the “generous & caring” union rep reveales … an 80’s drug lord. As a low but upper-tier criminal – secrets were sold to secure his own freedom. Jerimiah’s mother, part of a criminal family marriage had been horrified by her husband’s actions and rejected him. In emotional retailiation, his father ‘stole’ thier son and fled into federally maintained obscurity.

Jerimiah understands himself to be badge of his father’s enduring hate/love of his estranged wife and a perpetual reminder of his failures. Conflicted by the comparison to his own life events and an emotional crisis… Jerimiah barely contains a enraged desire to commit patricide. The edges of his vision begin to darken as a blackout threatens to steal any choice. Unable to stay and unwilling to share this crisis with his wife – Jeri returns to work seeking solice but appearing nothing like himself. He is not recognized by the hitmen who are moving to take over his businesses.

Determining the need to eliminate his enemy and perpetuate financial security for his family, Jerimiah hatches a plan to turn over his business to more honorable men and then disappear from the Westcoast.
No Safety, No Family, All Honor.
The night begins with a blood pact and ends in a night of murder and general mayhem …stories of which have only grown in the telling.
A fanatical gangland boogie man.
A Mafia urban legend.
A Ghost.

Jeremiah Morrow age 21, new father, loving husband, angry son, grifter, and assasin – abandons his old life (including, regretfully, his wife and child) and enters into the US Army. Mere months into his tour… his RAGE overcomes him in a particularly stressfully mission in NYC. Jerimiah remembers less of the night than he thinks he should this time He CAN PROVE that he had periods of timeloss. Without further explaination he is transferred to Zero Company to finish his tour of duty, while there an invitation to the New York at the ACADEMY is extended to him by a man named “Kal” – offering to explain the nature of his “blackouts” and having little reason to go elsewhere he accepts.

Jerimiah 'Drop out' Morrow

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