The Begining.

Brad Ranger
Bai Shu, White Tree
Joseph O’Shaughnessy
Oliver Bell
Cal *
Edgar Cooper – Enters Ch. 2
Jeremiah “Drop-out” Morrow – Enters Ch. 7

1 Met up through Cal and the Institute (August 23, 2010 – Waxing Full)
2 Cal takes ’em on a test run at the warehouse (August 24, 2010 – Full)
2 Head over to Razor Alley after warehouse
3 Recuperate at the townhouse
3 Follow up on sacrifice victims
3 Meet Trent Greystone
3 Investigations on James Highsmith
4 Tracked down family of victim
5 Back to warehouse to cleanse it – fight corrupted Weaver Spider
6 Hang with Gnawers at the Steak Pit
7 Bond as a Pack – Get Bloodbrother Totem
8 Back to warehouse to check up – Spiral Battle
9 Trip to see Lucius in the Institute library
9 Oliver meets Steven True Silverheart, his Grandfather
9 Oliver challenges and gets the jawbone of a leech
10 Bai Shu challenges and unties string
10 Edgar makes a call and ends up a kidnapper
10 10 Jeremiah gets bitten by a bowl
10 What do we do with this thing?
10 Pack petetions for membership of the Sept


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